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Intuitive biodesign is here.

Intuitively design DNA, share your designs with collaborators, and perform and analyze your high-throughput screens.
Tupac Biodesigner in action

Design & discover biomolecules with ease.

Speed up your ability to design novel biomolecules for high-throughput/low-bias screening.

Our goal is to help you design and discover biomolecules of interest, whether it's an optimized enzyme or the next blockbuster drug.

Problems with conventional methods.

Lab bench techniques

Random Mutagenesis

Imprecise changesQuality of sequence space is poorIntensive iteration process

Recombinatorial Mutagenesis

Imprecise changesSize of sequence space is poorIntensive iteration process

Site-directed Mutagenesis

Biased outputGenerates stop codonsWeak control

Computational techniques

Combinatorial Mutagenesis - Degenerate

Incompatible with diverse sequencesLack of ratio controlNeeds further screeningSoftware tools are difficult to use

Combinatorial Mutagenesis - By-codon

Not quick enoughNot cost-effectiveBiased outputWeak controlSoftware tools are difficult to use

The TupacBio solution.

Our BioDesigner helps improve your R&D process by removing the problems associated with conventional methods. The following features are integrated into our software to maximize your productivity.

No degeneracy & bias
Computer aided design at multiple levels of abstraction
Easily create precise mutations
Full knowledge and control of library diversity
Gibson assembly
Combinatorial design

How Tupac BioDesigner works.

Our software allows users to design constructs for high-throughput screening experiments and analyze them using Third Generation sequencing.

TupacBio workflow

Easy to use

User friendly drag and drop UI that allows anyone to easily create designs using both amino acid and DNA elements.

Drag and drop interface

Lots of sequences

Access third party databases such as NCBI and iGem. Create your own custom DNA, amino acid or variable elements.

Sequence library interface

Project history & forking

Project version histories and forking to allow you to easily iterate, reproduce, or take a project in a new direction.

Project forking interface

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Biodesign support

Biodesign support

Collaboration and co-development

Research collaboration
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screening analysis

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